Phil Snyder

Known as "The Man of a Million Voices," Phil is a successful voice-over actor, and has worked on WB’s Pinky & the Brain, Klasky-Csupo’s Ronald McDonald’s Adventures, and The Wind in the Willows from Columbia Tristar, in which he voiced Mr. Toad. Phil also has an extensive background in stand-up comedy and was a regular at The Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory. He has performed comedy as a ministry in countless churches and prisons.

During the last five years, Phil has been adding 3D modeling and animation to his repertoire of skills, creating and animating a wide variety a characters and effects. Phil’s hilarious cell phone ring-tones are now available for download on Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile, and other major carriers.


Laura Post

At the age of six, Laura Post found a passion for voice over work upon the discovery that actual people did the voices for some of her favorite cartoon characters. It was then that she began singing and studying the interesting quirks and characteristics of her own voice. The internet opened up a new world of Voice Over for Laura, where she found communities and new opportunities to do Voice Over work from her own Home studio. Once she finishes her B.A. in Animation, she will be moving to Los Angeles to further persue her dream. Laura is very excited to be a part of the Tiger's Quest Cast. You can visit her website at


David McAlister

David is a well-known British actor who has been appearing regularly on film, television and radio for over 20 years, as well taking lead roles in many West End musicals.

David lives near London and has his own sound studio, regularly voicing commercials and industrials for clients in USA, UK, The Middle East and Asia.

Edward Laskey

Jeffrey Coburn

Acting since he was seven years old, Jeffrey Coburn has numerous credits to his name, include Disney, BBC, and Paramount. Although having worked in every medium, his preference is voiceover work. He currently spends his time commuting between California and his home in Washington.

Dr. Jeff Erwin

Kevan Brighting

Kevan has over 25 years experience working in radio, television, documentaries and video narration. He's worked regularly for the major TV companies in Britain (BBC, ITV, C4) and all the major radio groups in the UK. Since installing ISDN he has gone global, working for companies in the USA, Italy, the Middle East and Australia.


Michelle Anne Dunphy

Michelle Ann is a 22 year old actress who has been participating in the world of voice acting for ten years. She recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northern Michigan University after studying theatre there, and now has relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her career. You can visit her website at


Martyn Tott

Martyn is an English voice artist who provides the audio side of cartoon projects at Animated Pictures Ltd. He also recently played the lead part of James in a radio adaptation of War of the Worlds. In his spare time he writes, plays bass guitar in rock bands and makes documentaries. and


Kyle Kaplan

Kyle Kaplan has appeared in several films, on television, and stage productions throughout Los Angeles. He has been nominated for an LA Drama Critics Circle Award as well as a Backstage West Garland Award. He performed at the Los Angeles Stage Ovation Awards and toured for a year with Jim Henson's Bear and the Big Blue House Live! across the US and Europe. In addition to acting, Kyle enjoys playing guitar, script writing and producing his own short films and is currently producing a live action internet series. He attends a Performing Arts high school, where is a member of a comedy improv troupe.


Debra Lynn Hull

Born Debra Lynn Pedrotti and raised in the Sonoma wine country of Northern California, her first commercial was done at the age of four. Theater and musicals became the source for her education and has had several regional commercials; an independent film All that I Need, and a sitcom pilot Family Trip.




Tess McNerlin

Ten year old Tess McNerlin has been voice acting since she was learning to walk. Her dad, a radio veteran, has showcased her talent in radio commercials since her first "goo goo". In recent years she has made appearances in The Immortal Cities – Children of the Nile video game and the nationally syndicated A Classic Christmas TV show. Tess would like to pursue a media related career after college


Stephanie Serfozo

Stephanie is 12 years old and is working toward a career in entertainment. She enjoys singing and acting. Her previous work includes a commercial for Disney and multiple stage projects. You can find out more about her at


Diane Matson

Diane Matson is a SAG actress. She's been performing since she was 3, took her first acting class when she was 6, and started doing film work in '91 - when her first audition won her a national commercial (and then she got an agent). She's filmed in 6 states so far, most recently in Detroit, MI.


Drew Hillertz

Drew Hillertz is an 18 year old high-school student from Wisconsin. He has been singing since about the age of 2, but acting since he was about 9. Drew has been in many on stage productions including "Into The Woods" as Jack, "Lost In Yonkers" as Arty, "Godspell" as Judas/John the Baptist, and "Anything Goes" as Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. Drew only recently got into the voice acting field, but fell in love with it. He is currently searching for an agent and planning to go to college to major in Theatre/Acting.



Dave Pakula



Dick Crankshaw


Jeff Minnerly

Jeff is a native of the Pacific Northwest and has been voice acting for over 10 years. Jeff has a real passion for creating interesting, real, and evocative characters. Jeff studied with top voice acting coach Nancy Wolfson in LA, among others. Some credits include: Leapfrog Learning Systems, The Nancy Drew Mysteries, and the Animation Feature Market Square. Jeff's voice is also heard everyday in businesses throughout the US and Canada for companies in store and on-hold messaging. Jeff Currently resides in Seattle, WA.

Wise Old Owl


Jack LoCastro


David Houston

David is a professional voice talent based in Austin, TX. He started acting in 1986 at Angelo Civic Theatre in San Angelo, TX, where he was awarded the ACT "I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can" (Best Save of a Scene) award for Macbeth, as well as an Outstanding Actor nod for the lead role in Vaclav Havel’s Largo Desolato. He's also been heard on radio stations throughout Texas as an on-air personality and voice talent. He appeared in the independent feature films A Slipping-Down Life and Some Place New. His company, David Houston Voiceovers, provides narration services for a wide variety of applications.


Shawna Cook

Shawna has been performing on stage for over 5 years in such roles as Anytime Annie in 42nd Street and Stella in A Street Car Named Desire. Recently, in her home town of Seattle, Shawna has begun acting, producing, and editing material for both television and film. A recent graduate of Western Washington University, she enjoys acting, athletics, and cooking and has always had a passionate desire to do character voice over work.


Jade Rose

Jade Has just entered acting and Tigers' Quest is her very first role. While her short term goal is to be a Hollywood actress, she ultimately wants to become a professional author for science fiction and romance books. Her favourite author is J.R.R. Tolkien and Shakespeare, and she enjoys horseback riding.


Peter Stern

Peter is based in London and had been acting on stage for over a decade. Now building his film portfolio, he trained at the London Drama School with additional training in professional sight reading for voice-over work. Skills include improvisation, piano, drums, juggling and puppetry.

Peter is now concentrating on obtaining theatre, film/TV and voice work. Photos, voice clips and credits are on his web site



Matt Kincaid


Michael Segal

Michael Segal, a voice actor based in Washington DC, has provided narration for numerous government videos, as well as applying his talent for voices and accents for animated features and shorts. More information is available at


Adrienne Easton

Adrienne Easton began her acting career at the age of 4 when she walked on stage into the middle of a play that she was supposed to be watching, and sat in a throne at the back of the stage through the rest of the performance (the amused actors had her take a bow during the curtain call…). Adrienne resides in Seattle, Washington where, when not acting, she keeps busy administering IQ tests and such to high school students, making balloon animals, and practicing Ayurvedic Medicine.


Peter O'Connell

President of audio'connell, a professional voice over agency in New York, Peter has over 20 years experience and has lent his voice to hundreds of commercials, narrations and broadcast imaging projects across the United States and internationally. He has a BA in Radio and Television Communication and is a "pathetic (but dedicated) golfer" who lives with his wife and daughter.



Lord Steven

Preferring the life of a recluse, Lord Steven has authored many tomes under several pen names. Tigers' Quest, the first of five novels, was written in 1985. Although having dabbled in many genre, most of his works tend toward science fiction and fantasy. Although Lord Steven wrote the story Tigers' Quest, he did not adapt it for audio, that task being regulated to staff writers at Everlasting Films.

One of Lord Steven's most favourite stories is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Sharp readers will find homages to that story throughout the Tigers' Quest series.

Simon Smith


Julio Angel Ortiz
Script editor

Network Engineering is only a minor dabble, something to occupy his time when he is not engaged in his real passion: writing. Author of many audio dramas, Julio was a natural choice for script editor. Of himself, he says "Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania, you can only imagine what an exciting upbringing I had in suburbia. Constant gun battles, ninja attacks, and repelling alien invasions, it was tough getting things done. Oh, wait, none of that ever happened."

David Segal
Lyricist -


Eric Starker
Vocalist - The Time of Leaving

Eric Starker is a professional actor and singer from the Bay Area, relocated to the New York City in early 2006. Favorite regional theatre credits include a year-long workshop of a new musical, Insignificant Others (, Lamar in Godspell, Michael in Becoming Memories, Linus in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Eric in Schoolhouse Rock Live. He also is a vocal (singing) coach and does on-camera and voiceover work. Check out his website for more information at

Lorraine Hansen Waughn
Vocalist - The Time of Leaving (Remix)

After graduating with degrees in Drama and Performing Arts, Lorraine became a professional musician, voiceover artist and actress in the Northeast USA. For over 3 decades shes been heard as an electric bassist and vocalist for R&B, R&R,C&W, Cajun/Zydeco, and acoustic bass/mandolin for Bluegrass and Classical/Jazz. She surprised everyone by singing at her own wedding. Her website is

Andy Dennis
Vocalist -
Let It Fade (Remix)

Andy Dennis is a 21 year old voice actor based in Southampton, England. He likes singing, dancing, acting, reading, eating and sleeping. Mainly sleeping. His passion has been a driving force that has led to being successful in landing various roles that has slowly but surely led to a wider interest in his voice in more professional fields. He hopes to continue building his resume as a voice actor until he finishes his BA in Performing Arts at Winchester University, when he will begin to pursue a full time career as a voice artist. You can visit his website at

Melissa Cox

Melissa is a 23 year old recent graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati. By day she is a mild mannered media designer for Leapsmart Inc. But by night she is a watercolor slinging, tablet scribbling freelancer. Besides being the art-thirsty mercenary that she is, she enjoys mythology, getting away from the city, motorcycles, tattoos and cats.

If you want to see the rest of her artwork go here:

Sanjay Agrawal

Sanjay is the moderator of the WordAnywhere message board where he willing and able to assist anyone who is looking for translations to the Hindi language.

Jim MacAurther

Having directed audio dramas for over thirty years, Jim was a natural choice to take on the story of the two tigers and their struggle to survive. His credits include documentaries and commercials as well as comedy and fiction, which make for a perfect blend for this natualistic tale.

Thomas Himinez

Tom Himinez is the current president of Everlasting Films. Having been an actor and writer for over twenty years, his experience in front of the camera and microphone brings invaluable experience behind it. When not acting, Tom has been actively involved in emergency services, having been both a firefighter and a member of a Search and Rescue team.

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