Bagh Chal (Tigo)
The national game of Nepal

Play as the mighty tigers or the clever goats in a test of survival.

Tigo ("Bagh Chal", or translated "Tiger Move") is a game that has been played for over 10 centuries. In it, you can play as either the mighty tiger who tries to jump (eat) his prey, or as the clever goats who try to surround and block the tiger and prevent him from moving.

A quick overview of the game can be viewed at the Bagh Chal website.

A windows version by Jesse Chilcott can be downloaded here. The computer is pretty easy to beat, but be warned that once you select a piece to move, you can't change your mind!

A DOS version, but with a more difficult AI, can be downloaded from this web page. We tested the game on Windows XP and it runs fine.


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